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La Virgen de Los Angeles
(Our Lady of the Angels)
The History
It is said that a woman "brown" (could be "indian", brown or mixed race) was collecting firewood in  near his home the morning of August 2, when he found a statue on a stone of the Virgin and Child in her arms . It was a stone statue of about twenty centimeters high. Juana Pereira picked up the store and in a save in your home. However, twice found the sculpture in stone where it had appeared to want and save it to your house, thinking it was another picture, he noticed that it was not. Given this fact, the woman became frightened and was looking for the cure of Cartago, who told him what happened and gave him the picture. The priest saves it in a box, but the next day appeared again on the stone, then the priest, accompanied by several individuals and collected the save, but the next day it reappeared again in the same stone. Then realized that Madonna wanted to have his home there. He was baptized with the name of Our Lady of the Angels (La Virgen de los Angeles), since August 2 Franciscans celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Angels.
Shortly after, the neighbors decided to make a shrine in the place, however, they were determined to make a temple, cost what it cost. It is known that in the year 1681 the temple was almost finished. Unfortunately, the church was destroyed a few years after ,  with the earthquake in early January 1715.
The faithful were to lift a second time the temple. This second church was completed between 1723 and 1727. Then, little by little they were enlarging and beautifying, but was destroyed after the earthquake of May 7, 1822. Two years after re-arranged to begin work on the construction of another temple. Then another earthquake occurred on 2 September 1841, which damaged part of the structure, but was repaired. However, the earthquake on May 4, 1910 destroyed it completely. Once again, the devotees of Our Lady of the Angels were held to start construction of the current basilica, which was completed in 1930. This structure has ant-seismic bases, which have withstood many earthquakes and the earthquake in 1924, when the temple was still under construction. The Basilica is a refuge for the image and is visited by thousands of faithful.
Our Lady of the Angels
While there are no further information that could be used to confirm if the legend of the "Negrita" (affectionate name given) is true, we must affirm that God's designs often are not made for mere mortals can understand, this is strictly a matter of faith. If there are undeniable facts, as to check on the hundreds of thousands of testimonials that have been made throughout history homeland. These testimonials are the result of promises kept by visitors to the Virgin of Los Angeles every August 2 by the long walk of about 25 kilometers, thanks to his divine intercession. Many people can ensure that the Virgen de los Angeles has healed their illnesses, and support in times of crisis, helped their families and given many special favors.  Costa Rica, this oasis of peace in which we live, has been, without doubt, the blessing of the Virgen de los Angeles, which has been protected as a nation of the disasters that have suffered other neighboring republics.
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
Faith can not be verified with documents, or not have. The people of Costa Rica has firmly believed in his patroness La Virgen de los Angeles, and we are all happy in your party so, and she protects us with his holy robe.

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