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  • The locals of Costa Rica are on to something.

    The warm tropical climate of Costa Rica is home to 893 species of birds including 17 species of parrots. Word has it the birds
    are on to something really special.

    Isn't it time you experienced this something special in Costa Rica living too?
  • Explore the two seashores of Costa Rica.

    With two oceans and over 800 miles of seashore you'll never run out of beaches to explore.

    Choose from our listings of beach area homes, ocean view properties or beach land real estate in Costa Rica to enhance your lifestyle.
  • The colors of flora in Costa Rica will surround you.

    Costa Rica is home to over 9000 species of plants including 1500 species of orchids. There's no shortage of beautiful colors in Costa Rica.

    Surround yourself with color by choosing your home from our luxury home listings in Costa Rica.
  • Live your dreams in Costa Rica.

    Your visions of tropical forests, valleys and mountains you experience in Costa Rica's will never leave your thoughts. Choose to visit Costa Rica often or better yet - make it your new home.

    We're here to show you how easy and affordable it is to invest and own in Costa Rican real estate and homes.

It's never been a better time to invest in a home, business or real estate in beautiful Costa Rica.
Our extensive experience of Costa Rica and helpful tips will help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Choose From One of Our Three Casitas Costa Rican Developments

Explore each of our 4 Casitas Developments in Costa Rica & choose the one which best suits your personal tastes in your tropical getaway. Each Casitas  Development is set in beautiful tropical surroundings with amenities close by. And best of all - your home in Costa Rica is also a great way to generate passive income if you choose to participate in the rental pool!

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Los Tucanes Development

Los Tucanes is named after the flocks of brilliantly colored and easily recognized toucans. This development is located in Herradura, just a short 3 kilometers (2 miles) from the well known Los Suenos resort - the largest marina in the country, its beach, and championship golf course.

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Ventanas Development

Ventanas San Mateo is located at the base of the Aquacate Mountains as they begin their gentle slope to the sea. The warm climate with cool ocean breezes makes it Costa Rica's richest fruit producing areas. Dozens of spectacular beaches lie within 20 to 45 minutes travel.

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Pueblo Escondido Development

Pueblo Escondido is located 15 minutes north of Jaco Beach on the central pacific coast. It is located only a few 100 meters from the most popular wildlife tour in the entire country & only 3 kilometers (2 miles) from the most visited birding destination in the country.

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Arenal Area Listings


Arenal ListingsLake Arenal, and its nearby volcanoes and surrounding tropical jungles are one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets.

The lake itself is only 20 miles long and consists of only 35 sq. miles. But it is gorgeous.

View Arenal Area Listings

Southern Zone Listings

Souther ListingsThe Southern Zone encompasses a large area… one which is largely unexplored and yet is what most of us picture when we hear the words “Costa Rica.”

Literally millions of acres of land primarily rainforest and mostly unoccupied makes up the Southern Zone . It is known to be the home of the “most biologically intense area” of the planet.

View Southern Zone Listings

Central Valley Listings

Central Valley ListingsThe Central Valley of Costa Rica consists basically of San Jose and all surrounding “suburbs”.     The Juan Santamaria airport, which is just immediately outside of San Jose is a point that almost everyone knows.    The central valley is ringed by mountains, and the air is almost always fresh and temperate.   

View Central Valley Listings

Central Pacific Listing

Central Pacific ListingsThe central pacific coast of Costa Rica has undergone a rebirth since the completion of the new highway … which stretches all the way from the capitol city of San Jose all the way down to the borders of Panama… (well, technically the NEW highway does not stretch ALL the way, but close).

View Central Pacific Listings

Guanacaste Area Listings

Guanacaste Listings

Guanacaste is the area of Costa Rica that well over 75% of tourists visit… and that is where their memories originate...as well as their dreams of returning.

Guanacaste is bordered on the north by Nicaragua and extends to the south to form a peninsula which is bordered on the west by the pacific ocean and on the east by the Bay of Nicoya.

View Guanacaste Area Listings

We're Here to Help You

We're here to help you in your decision to purchase a home or real estate in Costa Rica. Our vast experience in everything Costa Rican will ensure you make choices your comfortable with so you can truly experience the dream of living in Costa Rica. Browse through our various listings & if you find something you like then feel free to contact us for more information.


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"...helping people realize a dream which would otherwise be difficult to attain."


Costa Rica Photo Gallery

Costa Rica sunset

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